95615640 (2)Being diagnosed with any type of breast cancer will lead to life-changing decisions that will impact on your future. This Breast Cancer Awareness Month we look at why some people choose to have a bone marrow transplant to treat their cancer.

The use of bone marrow transplant or peripheral blood stem cell transplant to treat breast cancer is increasing; some medical professionals believe that bone marrow transplant should be a standard procedure offered to women and men with breast cancer.

Whilst there is insufficient research for us to fully appreciate whether or not bone marrow transplant for breast cancer is the most effective treatment, many oncologists believe that a bone marrow or stem cell transplant is the best way to promote ongoing health within the immune system, particularly in cases where a patient has been diagnosed with an inflammatory breast cancer.  At Bone Marrow Transplant Mexico we believe that, for some women with certain types of breast cancer, bone marrow transplantation is the best, if not the only, chance of achieving complete remission.

Why Have A Bone Marrow Transplant?

As part of breast cancer treatment, bone marrow transplant enables patients to receive higher doses of chemotherapy, which will destroy more of the cancer cells. The patient’s own stem cells, taken either from bone marrow or from the blood, are extracted, treated and stored. The patient can then undergo chemotherapy. Once chemotherapy is complete, the patient’s stem cells are reintroduced to the body. This will promote the return of immune system health following cancer treatment and help the healthy cells that have been damaged as a result of chemotherapy to recover fully.

Bone marrow transplant as part of a breast cancer treatment program will increase a patient’s chances of fighting the disease and vastly reduce the risks of further complications following treatment, such as impaired immune system and complications in years to come.  Because bone marrow transplantation for breast cancer is autologous, meaning that the patient’s own bone marrow is used, the risks involved in the transplantation are reduced.

For many patients with blood and bone marrow disorders like leukemia, lymphoma, sickle cell anemia and aplastic anemia, and some solid cancers such as breast cancer, bone marrow transplantation is the best chance for long term survival and optimal health following the disease.

Breast cancer patients who undergo a stem cell transplant have the best chance of recovery with a healthy immune system and fewer post- remission complications.

If you would like to know more about bone marrow transplantation for breast cancer, contact us today to speak to a qualified, US-based case manager.